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Dana G.

"I definitely have the utmost respect for Dr Pierre,  I have had some problems with my feet for years to no avail....after relocating here in Georgia almost 2 years ago I decided to try (new podiatrist) Dr Felicia Pierre.  I swear her thoroughness, professionalism and passion had me and my feet feeling alot better in no time!  I would recommend her anytime!"

Elaine B. 

"Dr. Pierre was great ! I am always  nervous when I have to have a medical procedure. She explained step by step what she needed  to do and what I needed to do as a patient .During my follow up visits she reviewed my responsibility to ensure I was following her directives for a proper recovery . She really cares about her patients."

Andrew S.

"When it comes to highly professional and knowledgeable service, this is the ONLY provider to utilize."    

Jay J.

 "I was very pleased, Dr. Pierre corrected my bad heel so I can't complain"

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